Our Values | Maison Amarella Switzerland

Our Values

Close to nature :

All our products are made from natural ingredients, without any artificial colours or flavours. This deep commitment of being close to nature is also reflected in our 100% recyclable boxes.  

Local anchoring

: The quality of Swiss products is no longer to be proven. Our production site, based in the canton of Fribourg, allows us to be close to local producers and benefit from their remarkable know-how.


Authenticity is at the heart of our artisanal production. It is only through authenticity that we can create balanced flavours by using high quality ingredients.

Open to the world:

 We wish to celebrate Switzerland’s openness to the world, as well as its sense of hospitality through our products, by creating unique flavours that reflect the diversity of cultures.


Swiss products are recognised around the world for their refinement. Our delicacies aspire to perpetuate this quest for perfection.
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