Maison Amarella: Swiss macarons with an oriental touch

Maison Amarella: Swiss macarons with an oriental touch

Kleeja Macaron and traditional cookie, flavoured with a mix of traditional Middle Eastern spices

It all starts in a small kitchen in Riyadh where, for a year, Alia Adi was based. The Saudi macarons craze was obvious and after years of experimenting with macarons recipes and a deep passion for this product, Alia decided to take the plunge. Her dream? Turning the macaron into a product that adapts to and explores all the flavours of the world. She launches an online shop and begins to bake macarons in her kitchen that she delivers to her customers throughout Riyadh. The little extra lies in the oriental flavours she creates, which differentiate her macarons from all the others present on the market. After a year and an investment proposal, Alia returns to Switzerland to establish her production laboratory in her hometown, Fribourg, with the ambition of exporting her macarons throughout the world and making Maison Amarella a brand ambassador of Swiss quality and expertise.

Alia Adi, the owner of Maison Amarella

Established since two years in Saint-Aubin, Fribourg, the Maison Amarella production laboratory is made up of a team of four people who produce between 2,500 and 3,000 macaroons daily. The majority of ingredients come from the region and each ingredient is selected according to the highest quality standards. Taste and quality are central to the development of each new flavour.

The hallmark of Maison Amarella macarons is its openness to the flavours of the world by creating unique tastes that reflect different cultures. The latest, the Läckerli macarons!

Läckerli macaron and gluten free brownies from Maison Amarella

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